Credit Notes

Credit notes add credits to your customer's account. When the customer makes a future purchase the credit note amount will be used before any charges are made their card or bank account.

How credit notes are created

Credit notes are created when some money is due back to the customer but it's easier to store it on account than refund to their payment method.  In these cases you could refund money to the customer but as you'll shortly be charging them again it seems pretty pointless to refund it and then charge again.  

The following situations are when credit notes can be created:

  • Pausing a membership
  • Changing a membership to a cheaper plan
  • Cancelling paid drop-ins
  • Migrating to WodBoard from another provider and there's some manual adjustments that need to be made due to the system change
  • Manually adding credit notes (see below)

Manually adding credit notes

You can manually add a credit note at any time.  Head to the customer page, click the Action button at the bottom of the page and choose "Add credit note".

A popup loads where you can enter details for the credit note.  Here you can also choose a date when the credit note is effective from.  So if you want to add some money to a customer account but not have it usable until March 1st say, you can do that.

When credit notes are used

Credit notes are used whenever a customer buys something. So this could be a class pack, a product from your shop or a membership payment that's become due.  The customer will pay the amount due minus the credit note.

If they are due to pay less than the credit note, for example a purchase at £25 but they have a £50 credit note, then the credit note is split.  As such they won't pay anything and will still have £25 in credit notes towards their next purchase.

Cancelling a credit note

To cancel a credit note head to the customer profile page and click the Payment tab.  Credit notes are always shown at the top of the payment list so it should be easy to spot and click the Details button.

On the next page you can see the details of the credit note and click to cancel it.  At this point the amount has been removed and the customer will no longer have it deducted off their next payment.