Pausing class/service packs

There may be times when you need to pause a customer's class or service pack.  Packs can have a period of time before they expire and pausing stops this from progressing.

How to pause a class or service pack

To pause a pack head to the Customer page and click the Purchases tab.  Find the pack you'd like to pause and click details next to it.

Choosing the pause option and you'll be presented with some options for the pause:
  • Pause date  - whether the pause is immediate or scheduled for a future date
  • Resume date - whether the reactivation is done on a specific date or at some point in the future you don't know when (common for example if somebody is pausing due to redundancy)

Pressing the Pause button then activates the pause (or schedules it, depending on what you did)

Resuming a pause

If you entered a scheduled date when you paused the pack, resuming will be automatic and you have no action to take.  You can check if you scheduled a resume by clicking details next to the pack on the customer page.

If not then you'll need to manually action the resume.  Head to the customer page and click details next to the pack on the Purchases tab.  Click the reactivate button to resume the pack or choose the date option to schedule it for in the future:

When you resume a paused pack any time that the pack has been paused will be added to the expiry date.  For example:

  • Pack was paused on March 1st and was due to expire on March 30th
  • Pack is resumed on March 15th
  • New expiry date is April 15th (the two weeks of the pause are added to the old expiry date)