This article explains how to manage dependents from the gym control panel.  Customers can also manage their dependents themselves which is explained in this help article.


The dependents feature allows parents to book and purchase memberships for their children.  Keeping dependent profile separate from parents is useful in several ways:

  • gyms know which children are attending and multiple children from the same family can book into one class
  • parents don't have to have one account for their own use and another for each child
  • reporting becomes a lot easier and doesn't get messed up by parents and children sharing a profile
  • legal documents can be easily managed

Registering new accounts with dependents

To register a parent and children at the same time head to Settings -> Links & Code, choose either the New Customer or Register link and select the option for a dependent signup.  The signup link combines both child and parent details.

This is particularly useful if the parent won't be joining your gym themselves.

Adding dependents to existing accounts

For existing accounts (typically when the parent themselves attends the gym) dependents can be added from the parents profile under the Customers section.  Click the blue action button and choose the Add Child option:

The fields required are the minimum that we can ask for whilst still being useful for gyms:

Once entered the child will then appear on the parents profile:

Clicking that link takes you to a profile for the child (you can of course search for them to jump straight there)

Memberships and class packs

Memberships and class packs should be added to the child's profile and not the parents.  This is done in the normal way via the gym control panel, or the parent can of course buy it themselves from their Memberships section.  When adding a membership or class pack the parents payments details are used and they get the payment email.  Children cannot have payment details themselves.


Children can be booked into classes just as any normal customer would and will require a valid membership or class pack to be booked in.  Parents get a separate section on their app to book children classes - see the help article for parents for more information

Legal Documents

A common use case is for parents to have to sign a specific document for their children.  Details on how to do this can be found in the legal document help article

Reporting/Dashboard stats

You can control whether dependents count as customers in your statistics on the dashboard and in reports.  To do this head to Settings -> KPIs & Reports and change the setting shown below.

Recording performance data

Dependents cannot record their own performance data as they do not have a full account.  Their performances can be scored on the Gymboard screen though (the screen in the gym that shows the WOD).