The WodBoard Kisi integration allows you to setup automatic synchronisation so that customers in WodBoard will automatically be setup with a Kisi profile and can pass through doors/gates controlled by Kisi.

Before linking your Kisi account

When Kisi integration is first setup an initial Synchronisation of data occurs in which WodBoard adds customers to your Kisi account. If you already have a Kisi device and it has assigned users to groups that you (or your previous software provider) setup then WodBoard cannot automatically manage their access. This means we can't revoke access when they cancel their membership. If you’d like this managed automatically, you must first clear the existing members from within the Groups section on the Kisi dashboard.

To do this head to the Kisi website, choose a group and scroll to the users section. From there you can bulk remove group access for a user by first selecting the checkbox in the top left to select all users

and then clicking the "Remove From Group" button.

You will have to repeat this on additional pages depending on the number of users in the group.

Removing users from a group will not delete their account, so your members can continue using their existing Kisi apps with no change.

You will need to take this step before starting the "Linking Kisi" section below or the existing customers will not be managed by our integration.

Linking Kisi

To setup Kisi head to Settings -> Business details in WodBoard and choose Edit next to the location. Click the link to setup Kisi integration

To continue you'll need an API key. To get this head to the Kisi website and click the "My account" option from the top right dropdown

Then choose: API in the left hand menu and click "Add API key"

Once the API key is generated add it into WodBoard and click Save.

Configuring Kisi

To configure Kisi click the configure link on the location page

The first section requires you to select the products that you want to allow access to and map these to the Kisi groups you have setup. For example if you have an "open gym" membership then maybe only customers with that membership would be permitted through your locks but customers with the "classes only membership" wouldn't be. In that case you would add the "open gym" membership into the area. You can add as many or as few products as you like.

You can also choose to:

  • have customers automatically signed into classes if they tap into a lock in the two hours before a class starts.
  • have drop-ins and one-off bookings sent a temporary access code

If you have multiple-locations you'll also need to map your locks in Kisi to locations in WodBoard.

If you have a) a membership that allows access to all locations within WodBoard and b) you limit access to locations via the customers profile (rather than vai the membership) then this won't work in Kisi by default. That's because you assign locks to memberships with Kisi and your membership is independent of the customers locations access. To work around this you would have to setup memberships tied to locations in WodBoard

When using Kisi access control we don't have a way to check customers accessing your gym have signed all your legal documents at the point they walk through the door/gate. This isn't a problem for general legal documents as customers sign these when they register at your gym. However if you:

  • update a legal document and require customers to resign
  • add a new legal document
  • add a legal document to a membership that previously didn't have one

then the customer won't have to sign them to walk through the access control (they would to book a class though as that checks all legal documents are present). This may be something you need to plan around - please contact support for more information.

Attendance recording

WodBoard has a concept of customers attending your gym which is used in various reports. By default attendances are only counted if somebody attends a class but if you're using an access control system like Kisi then you count people tapping in instead. To change this setting go to Settings -> Kpis & Reports and look for the "Attendance count method" option.

Using Kisi integration

Once setup there's no further action required. WodBoard will automatically send new customers to Kisi and cancel old customers from Kisi as such events occur. When a customer passes through a Kisi device that information is saved under their profile so you can see when they're attending. You can see aggregated access logs for the day under Reports.

You may also like to setup the Reception screen if you have a reception area and want to see a live stream of customers accessing your facility (as shown below). When logged in on the reception computer head to Settings -> Business Details -> Edit next to the location and enable the reception dashboard by clicking the link in the Kisi configuration section.