Communications - Announcements and Broadcasts

This article aims to explore the functionality and distinctions between announcements and broadcasts. Both can play a crucial role in effectively communicating with your gym members, whether through a monthly newsletter or a brief message informing them that the gym tops are back in stock!


An announcement is a notification that will appear as a mobile push notification. This will appear at the top of your customer's dashboard and will also send a basic format email. Once a customer views the announcement it will disappear. The email will remain in their inbox.

To set this up:

  • Communications -> Announcements -> New Announcement
  • Create your push notification message and email which can include more text.

  • Select your audience, this may be all customers with a product or a saved/past audience.

  • Input your message and preview on screen to left. Do the same for the email and hit SEND.

  • Announcement will be sent out in seconds.


broadcast is a much more customisable email that will have your gym's branding and can be targeted as a more specific audience by e.g. location if a gym has multiple locations and can be used as a transactional or marketing message. These are email format only.

To set this up:

  • Communications -> Broadcast -> New Broadcast
  • Define your audience (same options as Announcements)
  • Choose if it is a transactional or marketing message. See the difference below.

  • Create your message. Note the use of variables for both the header and body of the email. You can choose to save as draft or send now.