GPS Locations & Auto Sign-in

Often coaches can forget to sign in members to a class. This usually kicks off an email that members don't always appreciate especially when they have attended. This article will take you through how to set up the auto sign in function based on GPS. Let's get started.

Setting Classes to GPS Sign-in

Here is how to ensure that geolocation settings are correct for the business location in order to provide accurate class attendance for members and improve user experience.

Key Steps

  • Go into the menu and click on settings.
  • Navigate to business details and scroll down to find the location settings.
  • Edit the geolocation settings.
  • Ensure that the address is correctly inputted. If not, add the address and save.
  • Click on the map and edit geolocation to pin down the address.
  • Set the meters, a minimum of 75, depending on the range of reception in the area, increase if the phone signal is low in the area.
  • Save the settings.

Communicate settings to your members

You will want to encourage your members to always allow GPS access in their phone settings for seamless functionality. Here is how to allow the app access:

Settings -> Scroll down to WodBoard app

Click Location -> Change to 'Always' & Precise Location

Trouble Shooting

If you and/or your members are having issues with the GPS setting, here is a handy check-list to go through:

  • Have they allowed the app GPS access?
  • Have they allowed 'Always' GPS access? (Note: If they don't allow always, the app would need to e open for it to sign them in)
  • What is the phone signal like in your area? If low, consider increasing the GPS range of automatic sign-ins.
  • Are they low on battery? It won't work if so as Apple/Google don't send the message.