Multiple Locations

If your business has multiple locations that customers can join then there's some additional options that you may wish to consider.  This article goes over the options and how to choose between them.

Multi-location or multi-business?

There are two possible ways businesses with multiple locations can setup:

  • As multi-location - this is where all the locations are available in one business account
  • As multi-business  - this is where you have separate business accounts for each location and everything is independent

Multi-location mode is the simpler of the two options as everything is managed from the one business control panel.  For multi-business you would have to flick between the two accounts much like a staff member who works at multiple businesses.

For clarity whichever mode you choose both can be managed from the same login so you won't need to log out and back in - just change which business you're managing.

To choose between the two options consider:

  • Do customers memberships allow them a number of sessions per month at the other location?  If so this would require multi-location mode so they can have one membership for accessing both sites.
  • Are all locations part of a single group?  If so this would suggest multi-location (subject to the checks below)
  • Are the people behind the business the same?  Different people for each business would suggest it's multiple businesses with a director in common
  • Settings are common across all locations when using multi-location - eg you couldn't have a different waitlist time at each location.  So if the setup is substantially different it would suggest multi-business
  • Are all locations on the same timezone and have the same tax status (or don't have tax run through WodBoard?).  If not it'll need to be multi-business


To setup multi-business mode contact support who will be able to set you up with another business.  This is completely independent of your existing business and you'll be able to manage it by choosing the gym control panel from your personal side.


To setup multi-location mode contact support who will set you up with another location.  Once this has happened there are some additional settings to review:


Under Settings -> Customer Options you can choose what happens when a customer joins your business.  They can either be associated with just the one location they join, or all locations.

Settings -> Links & Code will now have a link/code for each location so make sure you use the right one for your new location


Our support team will setup payment routing for you so that payments from the right location go to the right legal entity.  Once done you can see this setup on the Settings -> Payments page.

Virtual Locations

If one location is virtual please review the Virtual Location help article

Legal documents

Any legal documents will be signed under the entity the customer first does something at (eg attends a class) and not re-required when they first visit the other locations.  This can be overcome by tying legal documents to a location - see the legal document help article for more information


Programming can be limited so only one location can access it:

  1. Setup a programming restriction rule to stop customers at the 1st location accessing the other locations programming (requires separate memberships)
  2. Under Settings -> Programming Options limit the "Multi-location whiteboard" option to "whiteboards restricted to location"