Staff Permissions

WodBoard provides a wide range of Staff Permissions which enable you to control what areas of your business your team have access to. Setting these permissions correctly will ensure your team have all the access they need based on their role, while keeping other areas of your account private. In this article we cover the array of permission and what each permission allows.

Permissions: Overview

Staff permissions allow you to create different roles within your team. Each permission allows the staff member to access different areas of your WodBoard account along with granting additional functionality.

For example, this is an example of how a gym might want to define their staff permissions based on roles:

Role Permissions
Accountant Customers, Finance, KPIs & Reports
Manager All permissions
Personal Trainer Classes & Events, Customers, CRM
Front of House or Shop Classes & Events, Customers, Customer Payments, Shop,

Staff Permissions are set on the individual staff member level. You can set these permissions by heading to Staff, selecting the staff member you want to provide permissions to, then selecting edit:

You'll then be presented with a list of all the available permissions. We'll run through each of these areas of permission one-by-one:

Staff Profile: No Permissions

A staff profile with no permissions provides very basic and limited functionality.

These are:

  • Home. This displays the staff members upcoming commitments and their bookings that are starting soon.
  • Timetable. Displays all public bookings as read-only. Non-editable by the logged in staff
  • Staff. This will only show the logged in staff member's availability. It allows them to set their own availability. To note they can only set availability per day. Recurring availability requires the Staff permission
  • Settings. The only settings available on a basic staff profile are the Links & Code and Marketplace

Classes & Events

Without the Classes & Events permission, the staff member can only view the gym timetable (read only). They can also see who is attending the class.

With the Classes & Events permission enabled staff can also:

  • Add new bookings
  • Manage booking as they can update (edit and cancel) existing bookings
  • Mark customers as attended or no show


Coaches or Personal Trainers without the Classes & Events permission can mark customers as attended or no show for classes they are listed as the coach for.

*If you have multiple locations, Classes & Events permission can be restricted by location or permitted for all locations.


The Customers permission will add the Customer area to the staff account and provides customer information visibility:

The Customers permission is a core permission and is import With this permission staff can view these customer details:

  • About: Can view and edit the customer's about details. Customer's are notified of any edits
  • Purchases: Active, past and scheduled purchases
  • Bookings: Current, past and future bookings
  • Documents: Can view pending and complete legal documents. Can send request for customer to sign your existing legal documents
  • Activity: Can view activity and can add new notes

Alongside the the top level tabs and the highlighted functionality for the Customer area, the Customer permission also enables addition actions:

  • Add Payment Method. Staff can add new credit or debit cards to the customer's profile
  • Add Child. Staff can add children or dependents to the customer account. Please read our dedicated article on dependents/children more more details:
  • Unassociate or Ban.
    • Unassociating a customer from your gym will remove them from your Wodboard account. The customer can use the sign up link to rejoin your gym.
    • Banning a customer will remove them from your Wodboard account. The customer cannot self-sign up to rejoin your gym. You will have to unban them to allow them to rejoin.

The Customer permission does not enable staff to manage memberships or add new memberships. This requires the additional Customer Payments permission.

Additionally, the Customers permission enables your staff to view and create new Audiences (customer/lead segments) for your announcements and broadcasts:

Customer Payments

The Customer Payments permission is a powerful setting and it must be selected with the Customers permission in order to function:

The Customer Payments permission enables your staff to make changes to customer's memberships and allows them to carry out key financial actions. With this permission staff can:

  • book customers in to a class or appointment not included in their membership
  • charge a credit or debit card: if there are multiple cards saved on the customer's account, staff can select the card used
  • add manual charges
  • sign-up new customers with paid memberships
  • select free as a charge option
  • update the customer's membership: This includes adding discounts, adjusting (+ or -) the membership's usage limits (allocation):


The Programming permission opens up the ability for staff to work with your gym's programming:

This permission allows your staff to

  • add new programming
  • update and delete existing programming


Adding the Announcements permission opens the Communications area to staff with this permission. This covers both the Announcement and Broadcast functionality:

This permission allows staff to

  • create and send announcements and broadcasts

*If you have multiple locations, the Announcement permission can be restricted to a single location or permitted for all locations.


The Shop permission opens up the ability for your staff to access the Shop area. This permission works best when the Customer permission is also enabled:

The Shop permission allows staff to

  • view existing orders and add new orders
  • view your products and create new products
  • view and add new collections

Note: Staff with Shop permission but without the Customer and Customer Payments permissions can add existing customers to an order and take payment for the order using a saved card or marking the order as paid by offline payment (cash or bank transfer).


The Finance permission is another big permission area. Enabling this opens up both the Finance area and the Memberships area to your staff. This works best when the Customers permission is also enabled.

Memberships Area

The Finance permission allows staff to do the following actions in the Memberships area:

  • Add new membership plans. Edit and delete existing membership plans.
  • Add new passes. Edit and delete existing passes.
  • Add new discounts. Edit and delete existing discounts

Finance Area

The Finance permission opens up the Finance area and allows staff to:

  • view all payments
  • issue refunds
  • mark offline payments as paid or a write off

KPIs & Reports

The first thing to note with the KPIs & Reports permission is that it is not a standalone area. It relies on other permissions being in place in order to open up the KPIs & Reports area.

When the Finance permission is selected with the KPIs & Reports permission then staff can:

  • view all finance based reports

When the Customers permission is selected with the KPIs & Reports permission then staff can:

  • view all customer based reports

If you have enabled both Customers and Finance permissions with the KPIs & Reports permission then all reports will be visible to staff with those permissions.

*If you have multiple locations, the KPIs & Reports permission can be restricted to a single location or permitted for all locations.


With the Settings permission enabled staff can make changes to some very important settings. It's a very powerful permission area to grant to staff so consider this before granting the Settings permission!

Enabling this will open up all of your WodBoard settings to staff with this permission:

Additional points to note:

1) Without the Settings permission, staff will have a settings area. However they will only have the Links & Code and Marketplace settings open to them.

2) Even with the Settings permission enabled, staff cannot:

    • Change the card that pays for your WodBoard subscription
    • Delink Stripe or any other payment provider from your account

Content Hub

The Content Hub permission enables staff to access your Content Hub area. This means they can

  • Upload new content
  • Create new folders
  • Edit and delete existing content


The CRM permission will only be available if you are subscribed to the CRM add-on. This provides enhanced Marketing and Automation functionality for your account. Please reach out to us at  if you'd like to know more.

Enabling the CRM permission will open up the Inbox area of your account to the staff member as well as providing further functionality in the Communication area. This permission enables staff to:

  • send emails and SMS to customers and leads
  • directly invite them to trials and appointments

It also provides extra options in the Communication area:

  • adding new automations
  • editing and deleting existing automations

*If you have multiple locations, the CRM permission can be restricted to a single location or permitted for all locations.